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Mums, I'm on the verge of becoming a single mother. Lay it on me, don't sugar coat - what was the toughest part about being a newly single mother?

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im a currently pregnant and decided to keep it and be a single mom. From what i encountered from the start is u have to faced the consequences alone which is the toughest part for me and be prepared to be questioned like wheres the father , who is the father etc. And definitely u will be more stressed up than usual & Secondly is ur emotions when time passes by u will start to overthink and alot of negative things will start to kik in ur mind u have to persevere through out and learn how to control ur thoughts and emotions. :) once u get over all this u can slowly think of the financial side etc. U can get help from BABES or Social worker for ur bills and other problems too ! Is not a problem :)

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Not going to sugar coat anything. I was in 14 hours of labour alone. Night duties alone, battled with post natal depression alone. Financial wise wasn’t an issue. I had savings. But emotionally wise. I have never felt worst. To be honestly, my son is already 2 year old. Till now, never have I once laugh or smile earnestly. No doubt he brought me so much joy, but there’s this missing piece in me. I still get anxiety attacks. People say it gets easier. To me, I’m just living each day as it is. Let me know if you want to talk! I am open! ❤️

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2y ago

I'm sorry to know what you had gone through. I can feel you though I am not a woman. Let it go, forget about those unhappiness and sadness as is already over. Move on and to looking forward those happiness ahead. Live at present. Don't torture yourself anymore. Be nice and good to yourself. Take good care of your son and enjoy the time with him. Try to divert your thoughts, listen to soft music or have deep breathe if you feel anxiety. I'm not sure will it helps, just my two cents worth. Perhaps seek medical help if you are fine with it. Wish you with bountiful of joy and peace. Jia You💪🌈

Hello. I just gave birth to my girl a couple of months before. I am only 25. But I chose to do it alone rather with an abusive husband. No doubt at times I just wanna kill myself but looking at my girl, melts my heart and pushed me to work harder. You got this! 💕

Financial, emotional and physical. If have to come to this stage, means you have thought through and it has beyond your tolerance. Move on. You can do it. Stay strong. Don't bother what others say behind you or look at you and your child. Mummy's power💪

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financial, also the social pressure. People will be talking, and it;s not always nice. physically I'm alright, I was 20 so I can juggle all the work - but the emotional burden is wayyyyy off. the unsolicited comments are just too much

Finances n parenting role. But that again never give up. I rm a single mom to my 5 yrs old child then to be with some hopeless n abusive man whom doesnt bother abt anything. Its not easy, but i m strong for my child

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I guess everything would be tough. Financial, physical, emotional. But your family and friends will be there for you. And mothers can do everything for their child so I think you can do this!


Forgiving myself and learning not to be too tough on myself. Ok, the marriage did not work. Acknowledge it and move on with life. Focus on raising your children well

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Finances and caring for child... Very difficult to work and care for child. Most likely have to be sent to infant care which is not cheap


Financial and how to cope with taking care your child and work.