Hi mums.. I wld like to send my daughter to violin lesson(that's wat she wanna try) checked with christopher music sch.. she required a 2.5" violin. I know nothing abt musical instruments so I'm trying to get a 2nd hand for her to trial.. any expert mums can gv me more advice where to get a 2nd hand 2.5 " violin. Not too expensive pls. Thk u.

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Hi mummy, before u buy a violin for her. Y not send her for trial lesson at the music school. Most of the music school has trial lesson. If your gal likes the instrument and wants to continue, then u can ask the teacher on the places where u can buy. Sometimes, music school offers good price for some instruments. Do not jump to buying and only to find that your child might not like the lesson.

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Lots of violins for sale on Carousell.