2nd hand Spectra, get a portable one or handsfree?

Contemplating whether to get a 2nd hand Spectra S1 but buy new accessories (is it cheaper that way?), get a portable one or handsfree. Help! First time breastfeeding mum and I know nuts! If I want to buy the 2nd hand Spectra S1, just the motor & charger, where can I buy the accesories? I am really a noob. Appreciate if you have any link. Also how to know what size flange to use? 🙏

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I have both Spectra S1 and S9 but I only got the S9 when I was gg back to work. Here’s the link of spectra accessories: https://shopee.sg/product/8051258/851344280?smtt=0.126478160-1624620142.9 As for flange size, I’m using 28mm as when I was in the hospital I used their pump and the lactation nurse measured me gave me the 24mm but it was too small for me that it hurts my nipples.

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1y ago

I'm actually looking for a more portable one. Heard that S1 is quite heavy but I'm using for home use only but then my baby will always wake up or cry whenever I pump. So yes contemplating whether to get which one. Currently using Real Bubee with the standard 24mm. No pain so guess it's my size.

You can buy spectra s1 manufactured in Korea which is much cheaper. I bought mine around $145 from shopee.

1y ago

Okay thanks mummy! I'll go check it out ☺️

u can google how to measure flange size, please buy correct size otherwise pumping really sucks!

1y ago

Noted, will do! I'm using Real Bubee for now and it's the standard 24mm. Guess it's my size.

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can buy 2nd hand pumps on carousel then get new accessories on Lazada

1y ago

Yup I browsed Carousell and have put my eyes on a few. Is it better to get the local or korean one? Do they work the same except the adapter?

can buy accessories on shopee or kiddy palace

1y ago

Great! Didn't know Kiddy Palace sells the accessories. Thanks!

can buy from carousel for 2nd hand pump

1y ago

Yup I actually browsed there and have my put my eyes on a few. Is it better to get the local or Korean one since need adapter?