Childcare teachers are way too relax

Hi mums, have you ever drop your kids to the centre and realise that the teachers are just hanging around and not teaching anything ? Is it normal or should i write feedback to them ? I feel like they should be more serious in teaching the kids even tho its just a playgroup

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How about u try volunteer for a week and see if Playgroup children are interested in play or lesson? Don’t be too quick to judge. Teachers are humans too and I believe they are doing their best to ensure children settle quickly in school and follow routine accordingly to ensure smooth transition when they move up. This way children can be trained to be more discipline. Anyways preschools should be more relax and allowing children to play and interact as well as refining their fine motor skills and life skills. These are the important foundations that should be concentrated in preschool years. Just my 2cents.

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3mo ago

Thats the reason i wrote this post . It was “a question” so chill. Now that i know . Thanks