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Any mums did c sect? Did u feel any pain when they were cutting you? My sister felt pain and could feel them cutting her. Now im afraid if i have to c sect.

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i had csec under GA as i can still feel my leg after they injected epidural. the anesthesiologist and gynae will check with you on how you feel after they injected epidural (my gynae pinched my tummy and leg then). if you feel the pressure you have to let them know immediately.

Somehow you can feel that they were cutting but don't feel pain. Only the part when they try to take the baby out, you can feel the pain but bearable. Don't worry you will be fine!

I didn't feel anything at all. not even the pulling. they will poke or pinch you before cutting to make sure you don't feel anything. if you still felt it you quickly inform them


no feeling at all until next day. during the session my Dr will keep asking if I feel anything or any discomfort etc. I think you have to find the right doctor most importantly

I don’t feel anything at all during the surgery. The gynae will either poke or pinch and ask if u could feel anything before they proceed. Hope this will help!


Didn't feel any pain, only some pressure when they taking the bb out of my tummy.

Need to ask doctor. Ur sister might not have gotten numbing properly

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During surgery , no pain . but after surgery then the pain comes.

The pain only comes after the surgery and during the confinement