Emergency C sect

Any mummies from initial natural birth with epidural to emergency c sect? Mind sharing your experience? Did they just increase your epidural dosage for c sect? Or were there more needle works to it?

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they need to inject through your spine nerve so you'll feel ntg from stomach down or else you'll feel everything. There is an option for local anesthesic to be injected first by a anesthesiology but with time constraints especially if it's emergency, i dont suppose they need one. other option is GA but if im not wrong that is not for everybody. must ask your gynae first

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2y ago

Oh dear.. any reason why? Which hospital did you go with?

Hi mama, just to share that actually once the epidural is in, you can’t really feel the needles anymore. I personally black out whenever in contact with needles but once I am on gas and epidural given, I totally feel nothing at all.

2y ago

Not for me. Despite the epidural, I still can feel from my waist down. I was given a couple more doses but can still feel. Took so much longer and end up getting GA but even den I was still conscious but can’t feel anything. I saw they lifted my baby and dr doing my stitches. Only fell into sleep when pushed into observation room and coz I was unconscious it took longer before I was pushed to my room. I was a long wait for my husband. So I really varies from person to person.