C-Sect or Natural

Hi mommies, I want to find out about others’ experience post c-sect. My sis told me about her post c-sect experience. She told me that external wound healed in a week but internal part prolly took a month. And she is still feeling the pain around the area each time she lifts something heavy (after 7-8 years). 1. How long did it take to fully recover? Is it longer than 1 week? as in the healing of internal part. Or it all depends on individuals? 2. Do you feel any difference lifting heavy stuffs after c-sect compared to before having a c-sect? Thanks 🙏 #firstbaby #pregnancy #advisepls

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Mine took also 1 week to heal externally but I did not feel any pain at all to be honest I am more scared to give birth via normal delivery. The only con of cs for me is you have to move very careful in the first month or two so your stitches wont open up. Hopefully my 2nd cs will be the same experience.

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2mo ago

How about breastfeeding baby? I wonder how to do it in the first 1-2months after c-sect.

yea your sis is right. the uterine scar will take at least a month to heal and it hurts to carry heavy things. thats why gynae will usually advise to avoid lifting heavy things for at least 3 months after c sect

2mo ago

yes cannot carry heavy stuff other than your baby. My gynae informed me that as well. then if breastfeeding ask your hubby pass baby to you durin the first 3 weeks of your csect.