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Hi Mummysss! Need some advice as this is my first pregnancy, I'm already at 32 weeks. Should I prepare the "emergency bag" now ? What does emergency bag consist of ?

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You can slowly prepare. Best to be ready by 37 weeks cause that’s full term already. Below are some of what you can pack. NRIC for both husband & wife Marriage cert Admission form Appt booklet Baby swaddle Baby clothes (2-piece or 1 piece) Mittens & booties Cap Mummy pillow (optional) Mummy going-home clothes (nursing-friendly if possible) Mummy post-partum underwear Mummy nursing bra & nursing pads Mummy nursing cover Compression socks (can ask from hospital, $) Socks & anti-slip slippers Toiletries & towel (if don’t want to use hospital’s) Charger Binder (important especially for c-sect) Portable bidet (normal delivery, be careful when you use hospital’s bidet cause the pressure might be too strong and your stictches can tear open again so be sure to check before use) Perineal cool pads (get them off Carousell beforehand, much cheaper than retail, but some hospitals provide them)

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2mo ago

Breast pump optional, hospital provides them with extra charge. Previously I heard some hospitals don’t allow you to bring your own pump. So I’m not sure. I brought my own pump in 2020 (gave birth in KKH) but ended up using hospital’s pump (Medela Symphony) cause so damn good lol. Admission form, I also not sure. That was what I was being told to bring but because I went to hospital when my contractions were quite regular, I didn’t have the admission form. We just went up straight to Level 2 Delivery Suite and filled up some forms and I was immediately admitted while my husband continued filling up forms and chose the ward.

Depends where you give birth. TMC provides toiletries and the ward toilet has bidet. Make sure your going home clothes has nursing access. I made the mistake of wearing a dress with no buttons. Had to flip everything up to feed baby after I had changed out of the hospital gown after getting discharged.

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Time to ready pack ! -ur own clothes -baby clothes That’s all. I delivered in kkh. Pack everything never use except, only clothes. Coz after delivered never shower n brush teeth/face lol. You will need many rest.

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I gave birth at TMC. Packed mine 3 days before EDD 😅 Admission letter Invoices to claim $900 Medisave NRICs Phone charger Breast pump - optional. I wore back the clothings I went in with. Baby wore TMC’s.

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yeah do get ready, just pack in a bag and when need to, all things are packed for and ready to go anytime. jia you mummy.


u can download hospital bag checklist here >

i packed mine when i was 36 weeks pregnant