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Hi Mummys, may I know if your gynae give you all HL before you give birth? At how many weeks did your Dr gave you? I'm at week 34 but my gynae refused to give me HL..

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I requested for 2 weeks of HL prior to EDD. In the end I only used 1 week before I popped! Speak to your gynae about your symptoms. I couldnt walk up stairs n had leg swelling. They can be sympathetic:)

11mo ago

May I know who is your gynae?Thank you!

I also asked when i was 36 weeks my gynae told me its too early. Til my endocrinologist gave me to monitor my sugar as i was having GDM. Then my gybae gave me one week HL when i was 37 weeks.

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I took during week 33.. some gynae wont give unless u have health issues..

11mo ago

My gynae Dr Lee Jiah Min. Bt some backgrd info, i have high risk for pre eclampsia and high bp so it was easier i guess getting HL 🤷🏻‍♀️

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For my gynae, no HL to be given. Only mc issued for medical appointment.

2y ago

Maternity leave is already entitled to us. Gynae at most only issue a form or letter stating the period of maternity leave we are taking. This letter or form is for company hr record purpose once we return to work.

My gynae can give up to 1 month before edd

11mo ago

May I know who is your gynae?Thank you in advance