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hi mummy, my hubby bought milk powder without checking expiry date, currently my baby having the milk powder expiry on may 2022, my hubby bought expiry on dec 2021, my baby staying at my mil hse most of the time, her milk powder now expiry is dec 2021, when my house milk powder is may 2022 (hubby already opened in adv) so now i got 1more powder tin expiry is dec 2021, shld i let my baby finished all of the dec 2021, or just finished up the 2022 then feed the 2021 expiry one?🙄😅❓

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If it is opened then got to finish up first otherwise the milk powder will spoil. Usually advice to finish the milk powder within a month after opening.

3y ago

thanks for yr advise 😊


finish the opened tin 1st

3y ago

thanks for yr advise