Hi Mummy, Is it a must to give baby teething toys? Any mummies here don't give teething toys to baby? And why?

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When teething, babies would attempt to place things into their mouth. Babies will feel it comforting to chew when teething, most common they do are chewing blankies, fingers and edges of baby books are an easy target to chew on.  Teethers and Teething Toys are developed to create it softer and easier for babies to hold and put into their mouth. It feels silky and soothing for baby’s mouth to chew on, not only it is safe compare to other objects but knowing that your teether is free of BPA, phthalates, heavy metals or cadmium and other harmful chemicals, you will have a peace of mind. So when a little pressure is applied on the baby’s tender gums they will feel better, teether is designed to feel a real comfort by chewing it all day. If you don't wish to give teething toys, you might want to consider teething biscuits or foods.

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