Brown discharhe

Hi mummy. Im first Trimester. 5 weeks today I have some brown discharge. Is it normal?

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depend on ur situation..does it hurt like cramping? are u on ur period cycle? that brown discharge getting more or lesser? all this u need to look closely or go see experience was, if got brown discharge + getting more + cramping like period pain..its possible for threaten misccariage..better go see doc..then my 2nd preggy, also got brown discharge but that happen once a month, close to my period cycle and no period the amount of discharge is getting lesser then its ok..doc only say its old blood..still better to go check at hospital..every person is not the better be sure than too late..hope everything ok

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3mo ago

kalau on and off it's ok?

Hi mummy I had this B4, but I went to see doctor for further checking. Weather is old blood or where it come from. Advise to see doctor.