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Hi mummy, I'm curious what everyone journey is like. I have recently given birth and I'm at my 10th day. I have to top up with formula milk after 1 hour of latching. I'm wondering how long does everyone take to reach the stage where you produce enough breast milk to satisfy baby without top up.

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I am in the same boat.. I’m on my 8th day PP. On the 3rd day PP, I noticed that my LO is hungry at short intervals (10-15 mins after latching even) and wondered if it is due to my lack of milk supply. So we decided to TOP up with FM. I try to pump as and when and am still struggling with milk supply (it is very inconsistent, sometimes 30ml sometimes 100ml) but with consistent pumping and I just bought supplements, hopefully it’ll help with supply.

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Trust your body and latch on demand, even if you finished a feed a short while ago. Remember sometimes babies latch for comfort, closeness with the mom, etc. lots of reasons! Your breasts are never empty and the more you latch the more you will make. I never supplemented with formula and DL on demand 24/7, not bottle fed.

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My milk was established on the 6th day; so we didn’t top up with formula from then onwards.

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Took me 1.5mths before i could breastfeed exclusively

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Usually 4-6 weeks for your supply to be regulated

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Usually 1 months is needed to regulate the milk