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Hi mummies I'm a ftm at 22.. and I'm exclusively pumping bc i couldnt get the hang of latching my LO on and i was getting frustrated so i opted for bottle feeding n pumping. I'm getting very tired from the pumping!! and because of being so tired i do miss my pumping time and end up with engorgement... which rly hurts!!!!! and now i find myself having to pump every 1.5h - 2h which leaves me with little to no sleep/rest... any advice from mummies? also any idea how to slow down my milk production?? and stop engorgement??

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Hi mummy, firstly just wish to say what a great job you are doing! Despite being so tired and uncomfortable, you still wish to persevere and carry on this difficult journey 👍🏻 it’s really not easy especially for ftm. Latching or pumping both have its merits and challenges. Can I encourage you to try latching your baby a couple of times a day before offering the bottle? If you succeed eventually it will be such a nice bonding opportunity. If you don’t succeed it’s also ok, you are still bf her but just in a bottle! Don’t be stressed out as your baby will sense it too. Play it cool because what’s the worse that can happen? You just offer the bottle a few minutes later I am not a EP mum and therefore might not be entirely right on this. I believe the more you pump the more supply you will have and therefore be easily engorged. To regulate your supply you may wish to prolong your pump timings little by little or shorten your pump sessions. Just pump until you are not engorged and don’t completely empty your breasts. Eventually your body may get the idea. Good luck! Hope other EP mom’s will be able to offer better tips!

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