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Hi mummies I'm a ftm at 22.. and I'm exclusively pumping bc i couldnt get the hang of latching my LO on and i was getting frustrated so i opted for bottle feeding n pumping. I'm getting very tired from the pumping!! and because of being so tired i do miss my pumping time and end up with engorgement... which rly hurts!!!!! and now i find myself having to pump every 1.5h - 2h which leaves me with little to no sleep/rest... any advice from mummies? also any idea how to slow down my milk production?? and stop engorgement??

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The easiest way to solve your ‘problems’ is to breastfeed your child. Please try to learn to get your baby to latch on. Place your nipple near baby’s mouth. Gently squeeze your breast to ‘release’ milk. Wipe your milk covered nipple on your baby mouth. Your baby will naturally latch on...

3y ago

i tried when i was in the hospital. but it was very difficult for me to get my areola in my LO mouth hence discomfort when i try latch on sometimes even pain... and my LO will suck for awhile and cry..the nurses say bc of bad latching but i try many times still cannotget it right