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Hello Mummies I am pregnant and am craving to have sushi. Can I have that?

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Once in a while it is okay but make sure to eat very little. I had oyster before as well and make sure the restaurant is legit and serves fresh

Moderately. I ate sushi (no raw meat) from Umi Sushi & Sushi Express. Those from cold storage one I avoided, just don’t feel very confident.


Sushi is raw. No no no for pregnant women ... there might be harmful bacteria in raw fish that can cause food poisoning or blood poisoning


I just eat but I control on raw stuff. My gynae told me it's OK just eat fresh raw food don't buy from supermarket kind will do.

I crave sushi too! I avoid the raw foods. I ate semi cooked food twice. I’m at week 11 and gynae says my baby is going strong.

Yay! Absolutely. I had sashimi and sushi as well for a week every single day lol. That said, please with moderation. Lol


I just eat it LOL I even went Japan for baby moon. Don't eat too much raw item. I ate uni blue fin sashimi too.

Me too! But I would rather not take the risk of food poisoning. Gonna abstain from raw food until delivery.

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Cooked sushi I think it's okay, but check what fish though. There's fish which are high in Mercury.

Yes, but avoid those with raw meat/fish as they may be contaminated. So better avoid to play safe.