7th month pregnancy anxiety

Hi any mummies will worry about your pregnancy if it will go well till Edd? I have been worrying a lot every day, esp when I heard and saw from social media about how some baby heartbeat stop at 7 month n etc. it’s so scary and sad to see all these, I hope no one have to go thru all these and I pray everyday tt mine will go well. I also had a loss last august hence this round extra worried. Wonder how u all cope?

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I was like you - I suffered from infertility from PCOS, one chemical pregnancy and one MMC. I also have unstable bp and pre-diabetic / GDM due to PCOS. This time round, I conceived naturally for the first time, and my anxiety was through the roof ever since I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks. Worried about early loss (had bleeding at 6 weeks), chromosomal defect (Google says high glucose = higher chance of down syndrome or stillbirth). so I started setting mini goals for myself, week by week. each week that we make it through, is a victory for me and bb. Pass NIPT = a small win. 20 weeks detailed scan pass = another small win. I'm now 34+ weeks. in my third trimester, I started counting down to the weeks and survival rates of bb if I had to go into labour early. for me, each week that we make it through was a slight comfort for me. and try to stay off socmed and Google. it gave me so much anxiety in my first 2 trimesters. I'm not sure if you are under private or subsidized, but I'm seeing a private dr who specialises in high risk pregnancies, and going for ultrasound + blood test appointments every 2 to 3 weeks since first trimester was comforting for me, since I got to see my bb on ultrasound more frequently. please hang in there, it's not easy and I still struggle on some days especially since my amniotic fluid is going down to borderline levels, but you will make it! All the best and have faith in yourself and your bb :)

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2mo ago

Thanks, very comforting to hear from ur sharing. I have GD too and now I am on strict diet plan to control it. I think I can’t stop worrying till the day baby girl is out safely. Sadly I think I can’t happily enjoy the pregnancy but in fact I have more worries n fear. I am also above age 35 and used to have suspected endometriosis (never get tested but since young my period is always super painful tt I have ended up in A&E a few times). I am seeing a private Gynae at TMC. Same like wad u mention each week tt we make it thru is a small victory for me too. I count the days and look forward each day to pass quickly so I can get thru it. I even told my husband I wish we have a ultrasound machine at home so I can see baby girl more and hear her strong heartbeat 🙂 Every 2 to 3 weeks appt is wad we look forward to, and I wish there are more appts but only if we have more money to spare 😅. I will try to have more faith in myself and stop negative thinking, it’s not easy but I am trying my best

i cant stop worrying every single day! had stillbirth at 28 weeks just recently in march (with unknown reason) and im pregnant again. now 19 weeks. previous pregnancy conceived via 3rd ivf try. now conceived naturally, and everyday i pray for my baby to be safe and sound, and have more faith by telling myself this is not ivf baby so is stronger and higher chance of survival. also i try to avoid unnecessary risk e.g travelling, and stay at home more.

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2mo ago

Jia you to u! Wish u all the best and good luck to u. Hope u will have a smooth pregnancy all the way 🙂

I know what you mean cause I felt the same when I was pregnant. All the sad news kept me worried, so my mom advised me to take a break from social media. I’m so grateful to have a healthy and happy baby. And I’m thankful that my body is able to do all the pregnancy wonders. Take a moment to breath and be appreciative, it helps to calm myself from all the mind dramas. All the best to you and baby!

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3mo ago

Thanks! My husband said the same thing to me to take a break from social media. I think I have to watch lesser tik tok n etc. anyway thanks for the encouragement 🙂

I totally know the feeling. When i was pregnant, i also keep seeing those stillborn cases everywhere especially on tiktok and every single day i live in anxiety and gets paranoid whenever baby didnt move in my tummy. But think positive and dont let it affect you. Baby is growing well and cant wait to meet you.

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I dont tink so much but dont deny i had some bleeding in my prev pregnancy so i was much more careful in the first trim. After that i started flying twice to bkk in two mths.. Now in my 30 wks, just waiting for time.. i am more worried i can deliver naturally hahaa

I’m only in my 7th month! Agree about the anxiety from posts on social media, I just quickly scroll past them.🙏🏻🙏🏻