Which week would baby bump appear?

Hi mummies, just wondering at which week would you start seeing baby bump? I am at my week 6 day 5 but my stomach is equally flat? No changes. Is that normal?

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6 weeks is too early for a bump, baby is only a tiny little dot in your womb. my baby bump only started showing at around week 18 (but looks just like I ate a lot). the real baby bump (when I started to actually look pregnant) was around 21 weeks. there is also no one correct bump size at any certain time in pregnancy. I'm currently at week 34 and my bump looks like the bump my friend had at week 20 . some people have smaller bumps, others have big bumps. the bump will eventually come ☺️

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Its totally normal, no worries. I only started to get a bump/look more bloated at week 14 or so. And even then, most people will not notice tt youre pregnant.. it was only at 5.5 mths when I look noticeably pregnant to others.

Hi, it’s up to individual and whether its first child etc. My stomach was flat till Week 13. Only had bump from Week 14 and suddenly “blow up” to noticeable size in Week 16. Dont need to worry too much. :)

3mo ago

Oh thanks for sharing! Yea first pregnancy. And wondering why issit still so flat 🤣

At 6-7 weeks theres barely a fetus. Baby bump inly start grow at 4 months. Other than that i dont look pregnant at all

week 6 is still early!!! if this is ur first pregnancy, prob u will start seeing the bump at week 12 onwards

3mo ago

Yes its my first pregnancy. Thanks for sharing, appreciate it

My baby bump comes out when i was week 24/25. So i think it depends on individual. 👍🏼

My bump starts to show only after 22 weeks or so ..


i only started to show at around 5 months plus.

My bump starts to appear at week 18