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Hi mummies, just wondering if anyone developed any sinus problem during your pregnancy? I never used to have an issue with sinus but recently discovered that I'm having problems with blocked nose the entire day... ?

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I have a condition called Pregnancy Rhinitis, which affects by mornings. I experience it the most once I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Once I’m up, the congestion starts acting up and then I may start sneezing. The sneezing causes muscular pains around my lower abdomen. My doctor prescribed Piriton, which I take at night (as its drowsy) and Zyrtec during the day. One dose of each really helps me get along with my day.

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I did develop sinus some time in my second trimester. I do experience this pre-pregnancy too where it just comes and goes, unsure of the cause. Try having hot lemon water regularly as i find that it helps to decongest and recover slightly faster.

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To have lemon in morning or evening

Yes yes i had this issue as well. But it wasnt very serious and only in the morning though

Sinus problem too can sleep at night