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17 weeks n 5day is good thing to have heartburn is not going to make my baby sick
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Do consult your gynae if you feel uncomfortable
17weeks today is good time to eat chocolate
sure why not? but in moderation.
17weeks is a good time to have sex
14weels n 2 days can I eat ice cream
ice cream
I 'm 14 weeks n 2 days pregnant can I eat Ice cream
Yes in moderation :)
I need to know....13 Weeks n 5 I don't feel to have sex with my husband is okay for mee to fell that way???
I didn’t have any intercourses after first trimester.... its ok
when can I hear my baby first kick
When can I hear my baby first kick?
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Feel baby movement u mean? As early as 16 week or more obvious at 20 week. :)
13 Weeks n 4 days I have sinac nose problem what can I take for that problem please help
When can I hear my baby first kick
Have you tried inhaling steam.. it declogs ... Try some camomile teas
I have high blood pressure .. what can I do to make my baby strong i'm 13 Weeks pregnant women please help
Avoid eating too salty n sweet. Eat healthier meals instead. Drink plenty of water. Exercise - walking, yoga or Swimming Don’t get too stress over small things. Rest well!