Sinus spray safe to use during pregnancy?

Can I use Avamys spray when I am pregnant? Any advises as I can't stand my nose blockage/sinus it is very irritating, anyone experienced the same?

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I’m seeing ENT clinic and has been on avamys for years. They stopped the spray immediately when I said I’m pregnant. They gave me sea salt spray to wash instead. Seen a few gynaes and some said ask to check back with ENT dr. ENT dr said I don’t specialise in pregnancy 😅 End up I started using at week 21 on alt day. My gynae did ultimately give the green light. But I’m concerned about the steroids. So try to reduce usage of spray. Can’t stop totally because can’t stand the blockage 😂

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4mo ago

yes I also am irritated by the blocked nose, i seen doctor they prescribed me antihistamine instead

Super Mum

The other alternative is to switch to saline nasal sprays, or try a nettypot. Long term use of steroidal nasal sprays will lead to dependency also. Maybe a good time to look at alternatives.

It has steroids. Consult your doctor first?