Super nausea

Been feeling very nauseous. Cant even have a proper meal and have been eating bread or porridge. Just today i start to feel nausea towards porridge. I feel im not eating much. What should i do

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Try sour stuff? For example like Tom Yum, or tomato sauce stuff. But if your nausea is caused by gastric, this may not help. You can try eating calories rich food (eat a little bit but gives a lot of nutrients) - like peanut butter or maybe eggs for example. If you really cant eat at all, then maybe try drinks! Boost juice/fruit juice or full cream milk if you can drink. If you can take milk, ice cream helps! Try full cream instead of these low fat ones. Take vitamins at least.

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Can try mcd ? Whenever i feel nauseous or no appetite to eat, i would go for mcd or fast food. Atleast something to eat. Or eat biscuit and drink milo.

eat anything you can. even if it’s fast food. not the best but at least got calories