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Hi Mummies, when can you start feeling your baby movement in your tummy? Like how many weeks onwards?

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I managed to feel about 17+ weeks.. I tot they were stomach twitches at first, but when I went to doc at my 18th week appointment, I happen to see baby move during the scan and figured that the twitches were baby moving! Hehe

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Usually anytime from 16-25 weeks, you’ll feel the first movement. That’s a wide range, I know 😂 For my first pregnancy: 22 weeks Second: 19 weeks

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Ya my hubby everyday waiting for him to move

First signs of flutters/ quickening around 15-16 weeks but kicks were only obvious after 18 weeks for me. Everyone is different :)

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don't worry..cause for first preg will be later to feel your baby movements..its normal. (:

I felt some movement like bubbles at week 16, but I only felt baby kicking around week 20+

16 weeks. Now at 19 weeks feel them stronger

first pregnancy fr me 19 weeks onwards :))


Mine was about 4 month I can feel it.

Felt my baby at around week 24! :)

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22 weeks. Depends on individual