Pregnancy Pillows

Hi Mummies, when did you start using pregnancy pillow? I start having backach, tummy cramps in the morning and getting more and more difficulties to sleep well as I will keep waking up for toilet breaks. Currently in my 12 weeks. And any recommded brand of the pillow as I saw some as costly as $200+

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Super Mum

You can start using it any time:) One of the things I learnt about motherhood is putting in effort in buying similar quality goods at cheaper prices 😂 and a lot of that involves online shopping. A maternity pillow on Shopee generally costs $20+. The quality varies between the shops, so look at the materials and read the reviews. If the pillow ends up being not fluffy enough, I’ve learnt to top up the cotton (also bought cheaply online) and the results are amazing! However, I’ll be the first to say that my non branded breastfeeding cushion I bought online is superior to the branded ones! That said, if money is not an issue, and you’d rather buy from a physical place, then try baby fairs:)

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3y ago

Thank you for the helpful advise 😊

Super Mum

I did not buy pregnancy pillow. I just using my normal pillows. 1 in between my thighs, 1 behind my back and I hug 1..