Lips turn purple after swimming a while

Hi mummies, when my boy, 14 months old, went swimming for less than 10mins, his lips will turn purple. Is this common or medical condition? 2nd time that this happens.

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The pool is too cold for your child. Purple lips is a sign of cyanosis - lack of oxygen rich blood. If you want to allow him to swim, try a heated swimming pool instead.

He’s probably too cold so you might want to bring him to a heated pool instead.

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May not be anything serious but best to bring your son to the pediatrician...

He is probably cold. My niece does have that when she is in the pool for too long, so my cousin would hydrate her with coconut water when this happens

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Is it because your child is cold?

5mo ago

He was with another boy of same age, but the other was fine. He was a bit shivering when I pull him out from the pool.