What do you snack on?

Hi mummies, i’m in my 6th week now and always feeling hungry quite frequently. What do you snack on when you’re hungry in between meals? I am now snacking on either raisin bread, bananas or apple. In need of more ideas.

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I snack on dates but be careful of its natural sugar content, especially when i crave for unhealthy icy stuff (slushie/slurpee, ice cream, ice blended drinks, thanks to hot weather) I would freeze frozen seedless grapes and munch on it. Super refreshing! and not so guilty.

avocado drink, snack bars, fresh fruits, but most of the time I'm not hungry so didn't snack much

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My snacks healthy bars,chocolate bar and toast bread with kaya/peanut butter spread .. 😋

i snack on nuts, cereals, berries, cherries, pears, peanut butter sandwich :)

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Try nuts? Granola bars? I loved quick oatmeal snacks too!

Snacks, chips, cherry tomatoes lots of fruits 😂

usually peanut butter toast using brown bread