Hi mummies what position is best for pregnant moms especially when trying to find a job in their first trimester? How do you find jobs? I'm afraid if i go for interview they wont hire me because of my pregnancy and no experience for long period. Wanted to find a new job as im expecting my #2. Reasons being i wanna have more income because when #2 arrives our finance will be tighter.

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Usually companies will not hire pregnant mummies as newcomer. You may want to consider joining honestbee as shopper bee. Walking helps pregnancy and time is flexible. Else you can look for online job that requires you work from home.

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isnt that app a grocery shopping app?

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I'd say pregnant mums are hard to find jobs, or even keep them for that matter :/ You could probably look at some freelance, adhoc or work-from-home jobs - depending on what you're comfortable with and what skills you have :)

Based on my experience, many and most companies will not hire pregnant ladies. Why not source for a side home-based income. There are jobs on assignments basis. Check out gum tree or the link below. Careermums.com.sg

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Maybe you can look for those data surveys? Since it's the holiday season now, maybe there are some places that require a part time worker esp during the month of december? Most companies won't hire pregnant ladies.

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I found my job when I was 8 weeks pregnant. I'm holding an admin job - my job is to make sure a certain number of people goes for class on a certain date. I found my job on jobstreet!

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It’ll be hard to look for permanent work. Maybe you can start home based business. Bakery (cookies/cakes), sell Amway/Avon products or do free-lance jobs (writers, translators) suits you best


Agreed with the above.. Pregnant mum is hard to find a full time job. You can try to look for part time. Thou you won't get to enjoy the benefits and maternity leave etc but at least got some income.

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Agree with first answer - Low likelihood of someone hiring a pregnant Mum, esp in this economy. I suggest looking for a work from home part time job that pays per assignment or per hour

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i cant find any reliable and trusted work from home jobs. any recommendations?