Fruits to bring to preschool

Hi mummies! What fruits are good for toddler to bring to preschool?

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Fruits commonly provided in the school: apples, bananas, watermelon, honeydew, pears You can bring other fruits if you want, long as your child enjoys them and the fruits are washed and cut and packed for your child. No durians pls! :p

Fruits are provided in school during lunch! But if you insist then blueberries and bananas are good. Do inform the teachers about it!


Normally Preschool will provide fruits for them during lunch. But if u want can pack some strawberries or cut melons.

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Actually fruits are provided in preschool. If you really want to bring... Can bring blueberries, strawberries etc..

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Blueberries, cut strawberries, cut dragonfruit, small banana

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Dragon fruit, strawberry, blueberry!

Apples, Oranges, bananas, watermelon

Banana, dragonfruit, cut apples.

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Bananas, strawberries and Apple

Apple, oranges and bananas