Maximum yield settings on Spectra S1

Hi mummies using Spectra S1 May I ask which cycle and vacumn setting has worked best for you in maximum milk yield? Thanks from FTM

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70- 5 massage mode until milk sprays then change to expression mode 54-9 (may reduce to 8 or increase to 10 depending on whether nipples feel sore). Then when there’s no more milk, switch back to massage mode 70-5, and the same repeats until I reach 15 min to 30 min in total, depending on how much time I have to pump.

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Super Mum

Personal preference. I tried several combos but now I’m using : 70 - L3 for 3 min 54 - L6 for 7 min 70 - L4 for 2 min 54 - L7 for 3 mins

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