May i know which Spectra Pump is good. s1 or s2 Thanks

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I'm using S1. 1) It has a built in battery and can last me for 1 day when I'm out 2) hospital grade pump 3) good suction (I have experienced clog ducts twice and managed to clear by using S1). Even my lactation consultant recommends S1 too. But it's quite bulky though!

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S1 and S2 are the same. Just that S1 has a n internal rechargeable battery. S2 needs to be plugged to a power point each time you use it.

they have the same function except that s1 is with built in battery and s2 doesnt. for mobility , i would suggest s1

both are the same. the difference is.. S1 have in-built battery so u can bring it out without plug.. ^_^

My vote goes to S1. It has mobility as compared to S2. Don't need to get stuck in one location.

Thank You for all advise!