Updating LO to parents or in-laws

Hi mummies, do u update your parents or in-laws with photos or videos of your LO? I do not have the habit of updating, only update when necessary which is very seldom. My parents usually see from fb when I upload photos of my LO (which is not very often too).

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I do.. for my in laws, I send them photos maybe on a weekly basis..they message my husband more often, so he replies them and updates them on the children. On my side, our family chat is very active, so I do tell them about how my children are, especially if there are milestones, or about all the funny stuff that my preschooler says. We do try to do video calls too once in a while. I think the families do appreciate the updates, especially during this circuit breaker period:)

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Err we dont keep track, its not really updating la we just casually chat now n then n post pics also..we use fb ig n also grp family chats to communicate

Yes but not on a daily basis. Maybe 2-3 times a week. Sometimes if I don't, my in-laws will text in the family group chat to ask for updates.

due to CB, my mom has not seen my baby since he was born therefore i send her a picture or video daily

I do share pics & videos in my family chat. My MIL will be my husband's task but he seldom send.

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I do send photos to my mum once in awhile and my hubby will send to my in law daily.

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I will video call my mum everyday and send photos to my family group chat daily.

Nope, only when video call then show them. Before CB, only visited once a week.


Yes. My in law insist I must send video or picture daily!

I use Instagram or WhatsApp group to send pics