Refusing parents or in laws help

Anyone here refused or declined parents or parents in law's help to look after baby because of differing parenting views? For myself, I find that rather than creating tensions over different things when they are looking after my kid, I send my kid to ifc. Cos my parents or in laws are not open to feedback and they will say things like "oh this is how you were raised etc." Anyone in the same boat as me?

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Me! My mil insisted to help me take care of my baby. But i refuse since the start of my pregnancy and even went ahead to register ifc. I wanted to avoid tensions n conflict. And what i always fear came true, we had different ways of handling baby during my confinement. So thank god i made the right choice to place my baby at ifc. At leaset at ifc they get to do activities and play. Build their social skill when young.

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Wah that's not a nice remark from them. I'd be pissed. If they are the sort who shoots such comments, yea then it's definitely better to totally decline their involvement, for your own sanity.

Yes me! Send my girl to ifc too. No regret


me! I take care my baby myself instead.


🙋‍♀️ my son my way 😅