Hi mummies! Any of you are subsidised patients from KKH? If yes, what do they provide for mummy and baby after delivery? Like maternity pads or postpartum panties or toiletries? Packing my hospital bag but I don’t wanna underpack or overpack so I figured I’d ask around first what the hospital provides 😃

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This was what i got when i gave birth on 2018. For mummy, they will provide: - toiletries bag (they will ask if you want, then will add to the hospital bill) - 2 pcts mensus pads (short) - 1 box epi-kool pak pads contains 3 pads (a long pad that when you squeeze, will bloat up and become cool. Good for those giving birth naturally as our vag will swell like crazy) - 2 pcts of disposable underwear. Each pct contains abt 5 pcs - that white blue big sheet for you to sit or lay on so that no blood leaks on bed. Baby: - some nb diapers - and simple hat Maybe you wanna bring: For mummy, bring clothes to go home, hairclips, some light makeup stuff, nursing bra. Wear comfortable slippers that you cn bathe with. So no need to bring extra slippers. Cn bring shawl maybe. For baby, if it's a girl maybe you wanna bring your own cute headband so cn take pic hehe. But dont let baby wear it too long cz head is soft. Need to bring swaddle cz i dont think cn bring home hospital's. But baby cn wear home what was worn from hosp.

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No probs 🥰

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Delivered last year. Baby's diapers, mummy's disposable underwear and maternity pads are provided (or rather we paid for🤣). I was too exhausted to get out of bed so for me i didnt even need toiletries. Only brush my teeth and wash up my face before getting discharged. During the stay i only really needed my mobile phone so phone charger is necessary. Other than that just pack a set of clothes for youraelf and baby to go home.

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I rmbr is they r no toiletries.. a packet of maternity pads that has no wings, epikool pads..

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Thank you! I feel more prepared now. Thanks once again!

Yes , toiletries , pp panties and maternity pad are included .