Blackish greenish poop

Hi mummies. Sorry for the disgusting image. This my first time being a mum to my 1 month plus old twinnies and im worried as this been 3 weeks straight my babies poop look like this after they took multivitamins and iron drops. Should I bring them to PD asap?

Blackish greenish poop
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Likely due to iron. Iron will also cause black stool or constipation to an adult. You may consult your paediatrician at next visit. Just curious, are the multivitamin and iron drops advised by the paediatrician?

2y ago

yes advised by PD

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I think it's fine coz of the iron but you may want to bring this up to the pediatrician during your next visit.

I was told by PD that the iron drops will make baby’s poop black and it’s normal.