Pls help my baby!

My 2 month old baby girl that born prematurely at 34 weeks, she on formula feeding.. She currently having cough and flu for a week but for past 2 days whole day she havent poop.. today afternoon, she cough so hard till a bit black watery poop come out.. she didnt took iron or multivitamin drops today.. should i call pd or bring to A&E?

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my 3 mths plus boy also born prematurely at 35.5 mths. he just caught some flu bug from his older bro, resulting in phlegm in lungs. go pd and check if that's the case for your gal. the pd will prescribe nebuliser, zyrtec n illadin for the flu n phlegm. mine didn't poo for a week as well coz his feeding was affected. n he finally poo after the 7th day when we tried to feed him more milk

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u monitor her condition. my elder boy also caught a flu n cough at 5 mths plus. we went to another pd as our original pd was on leave. in the end we went back to original pd one week later as my elder one still was sick n found out that he also got phlegm in lungs and in the end hospitalised for 4 days for neb n oxygen...

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