Making 150ml milk with 60ml scoop

Hi Mummies, My son was on Nan previously and drinking 150ml so that's 5 scoops of milk powder. We have to change his milk to Similac because he isn't digesting the Nan formula well. However, similac's scoop comes in 60ml. Is there any other way I can make a 150ml bottle of milk for my baby?

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Hello mommy we use similac too. Sometimes we give 150ml with 2.5 scoops of powder. Alternatively you can prepare 180ml and just give only 150ml stop when the formula reaches 30ml mark. Or even before giving just discard 30ml and give the rest however u wish. Take care

get a weighing machine, best if can measure up to 2 decimal place. 1ml of water = 1g, then from there calculate how many g of formula to add in.


my LOs arent fussy so the best estimate has been no issue

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Use the nan school as measurement. It’s the same

i have kept a few of 30mls scoops if you need..


mines drinking similac too. just do 2.5 scoop.

Just put 2.5 scoops of milk powder :)

Use 2.5 scoop.


2.5 scoop