i want to dilute my baby's formula milk by a little (make it less heaty). right now similac instructs 1 scoop to 60ml of water. can i do 2.5 scoops to 180ml? how do the rest of you do it?

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I do it the same way as you do too. But maybe not less by 0.5 scoops maybe about 0.25. Observe your baby to see if he is always hungry after starting on this diluted version as it is also not right to dilute too much since they get a lot of nutrients from the milk too. If the milk is too heaty maybe you should change brand??

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Im using dumex which is 1 scoop to 1 oz water. If i wanna dilute a little lets say im making 5oz bottle, i just put 4 scoops to 5 oz water (1 scoop lesser). Hope this helps.

You can also do 2 scoops and 180ml. I do it for my boy. Cause sometimes he drinks till nosebleed. Too heaty. Plus minus its okay

Mine is 1 scoop 30ml water...so if I intend to feed 90, I will put 3 scoops with 100ml water