My Lo feeds on 150ml of EBM, how do I transition to formula milk? How to prepare formula milk? 3 scoops of milk and add 150ml of hot water ? Sorry that I sound a noob

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the size of the scoop might be different from all brand. just follow the label instruction . preparing will be addd water to the level (ml) u want then Add in milk powder . for transition maybe can 1st and 2nd day give 1time formula milk . follow by 3rd and 4th day to 2 x formula milk . slowly increase the No: of formula feed.

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Hi the amount of powder to water ration depends on the brand. Like I use Nestle Nan and it is one scoop to if 150ml need five scoops. You have to check the label instructions. To transition why don't you give one fm feed to baby and gradually increase the no of fm feeds ?

4y ago

You can mix if you want too. Its more of a personal preference.

Add water then powder.