Hi Mummies, sometimes I feel really bad because 3-4 days per week after work, I always let my LO (18 mths) self entertain herself while I sit or lie down beside her playing with my phone.. I feel that I should spend more time with her like read books or just play with her.. she sometimes tries to ask for my attention and I just told her to play on her own.. I'm not sure whether any mummies are like this too..

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I will foresee myself doing the same though my LO is only 5mo😂 don’t worry mommy you are doing great! You need your personal time to keep yourself sane too. I’m sure you love you LO very much to feel bad like that.

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It's normal mummy! i am like you too. reading books is boring to me. So what i do. I lie down, and my LO just build pillows over me. At least while i lie down to 'nua' i am still interacting w her

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Hi, I think given the busy schedules everyday, it seems very normal. But try to do little improvements everyday. It doesn't need to be all at once. I am sure gradually it will all be better

Just because other people do it doesnt mean its ok. Sure, we all make mistakes sometimes, but we should strive to be better. Stop validating this. Be with your kids

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Huh what mistake this mommy is making? Lie down and use phone? Don’t the mommy deserve some me time after a long day?

me too. you are not alone! even though I'm a stay home mom, it's draining enough.

Seems like normal huh.. been feeling bad for quite awhile coz of it..

Me too. I always feel so tired and i try to make it up to the kids.

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Trying to play or talk with ur LO.

i am also like that sometimes.