Second pregnancy, 6 weeks with mucus and tinge of blood

Hi mummies. This is my second pregnancy, lost my first one around 10 weeks last October. In the first pregnancy, i started having brown discharge and doctor gave pills to stabilise the pregnancy. Unfortunately, it wasnt enough. Fast forward to 2021, am pregnant again but it didnt start with spotting but blood straight. Gynae just took a blood test and gave me 1 week HL. Should i be very worried still? The first loss was already traumatising, am afraid that this will be a recurring one. Anyone gone through this?

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I am sorry for ur loss! But I think most importantly you must focus on the positive side and stay calm. Your emotion may affect baby to. Perhaps you can get more hormones pills to stabilise and more bed rest. Bed rest really helps. And all the best to you mummy! I hope you have a smooth pregnancy journey.

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2y ago

thank you for the positive words, Kelly. trying to keep these negative thoughts at bay.

Hi dear, I could relate to how you feel. I had a MC last Dec and now I am expecting my second one. The fear is real. I am trying not to be worried. Feeling unwell ytd and I stayed in bed to rest whole day today. Let’s rest more and try to be positive. Take care.