Mild Brown Discharge at week 6

Hi All, I am just a bit worried and needed some opinions and experiences hence putting it here to put my mind at ease. I am in week 6 of my pregnancy and I am having small brown discharges sometimes when I go to pee (not always) I went to my gynae and told her this. She mentioned it is old blood and gave me Utrogestan medicine to eat. During the scan the baby was fine and it has got heart beat now but the gynae could see some more old blood in the scan. She said not to worry about it as it is common. I still get the brown discharge sometimes although I am eating the medicine now hence a bit worried and my next visit is after 10 days. Can you please share your experiences? This is my first pregnancy so I keep thinking about it and being worried. Advise please 🙏 #1stPregnancy

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it is normal for brownish discharge, as long it is not turning red.. once the old blood are released, will be fine.. continue taking doctor prescribed medication and monitor the discharge

2y ago

Noted and thanks a lot Angela. So there is no need to be worried?

I had it during 10th week for 6 days. It's normal until turns into fresh red blood.

2y ago

I hope so too