Taking taxi home after birth

Hi Any mummies recently gave birth? Im due on june 2021. And i will be giving birth in SGH. I was wondering.. do i need to buy a secondhand carseat for newborn if i wanna take a taxi home or i can just carry my newborn without any carriers etc? I dont want to waste buying a carseat for my newborn cos my stroller doesnt need it and i dont own any car. And most prob i will be staying home till baby turns 1 mth old which, by then, i would have already bought a carrier or just use my pram if i wanna go out.

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if possible, it would be best to buy a car seat new from shop cause secondhand car seat may have some damage that is not easily visible. a car seat can help protect your baby whenever you are in a vehicle. it will also train your child to sit still in a moving vehicle and buckle up automatically when they are older :)

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Taxis don't need carseat tho it wld be better to have the portable one tt can be attached to the stroller like a Doona. But since u alr bought a stroller, not worth it to buy another.

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If it’s a taxi you don’t need a car seat. If it’s grab/your own car, need. Please don’t buy a second hand car seat. Car seat is something to always buy first hand

i gave birth in SGH in Mar 2021. if you are taking taxi, no need car seat for baby. thus, if you are ordering via Grab, rmb to select the "taxi" option.

You can just carry your newborn baby cause for me after i just give birth to my baby i just carry her until i reach home

As far as I know, taxis are okay without car seat. I’ve been taking my baby without car seat via taxis.

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taxi don't need car seat. but grab gojek etc need it as it the rule


taxi no need car seat, no need waste money for that

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no need carseat if you are taking taxi

There is no need for car seat in taxi