Any Mummies practice strict confinement ? No shower, wear long pants and shirt and socks ?

Any Mummies practice strict confinement ? No shower, wear long pants and shirt and socks ?

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Nope… it’s impossible in Singapore’s humid weather. You’ll sweat buckets after giving birth even in aircon room… And hygiene is extremely important when you’re recovering from giving birth and especially even more so if you’re gonna breastfeed/pump … It’s important to keep ourself clean when we have to take care of our newborn. I shower and wash my hair daily. Just use hot water from the heater and blow dry your hair immediately after shower… I didn’t cover up either. Just wear shorts and singlet. You’ll feel very uncomfortable if you’re all covered up and sweating .

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the reason why people weren't "allowed" to shower in the olden days was because the poor shower facilities as compared to modern days, e.g. they had to go to the river, or use well water, etc, and there wasn't hair dryer for them. A lot of TCM doctors have already debunked this confinement rule and they mentioned it is perfectly alright to bathe/shower (even without the herbal bath) in current times, as long as we dry ourselves & blow dry our hair immediately after bath. So I will still shower daily to prevent infection and stay hygienic for my baby, especially going to be breastfeeding.

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2mo ago

Do you use boiled water or normal tap water? :)

i still shower, wash my hair and dry with hairdryer everyday.. long sleeve tshirt and pants plus thick socks (alternate days ill put on compression socks too to prevent water retention), using th malay herbal paste on tummy and forehead plus tummy binder for 44days! i continued th binder for good 2 months.. hee no cold drinks and remember to eat on time! you can do this mummy!! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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1mo ago

I shower daily but wash my hair once every 3 days. On days that I wash hair. I will ensure I close the door windows of the master room and blow my hair dry before I exit the master room to avoid any wind.

I'm ending my 44 days confinement and honestly I've showered after taking off catheter & iv after c sect. I feel like hygiene is a big big thing and especially since we're bleeding down there , I wanna keep myself extra clean. I wear t shirt during humid weather with just leggings and socks. if it's the rainy weather , I'll just put on a cardigan or change to long sleeve.

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impossible to practise strict confinement in Singapore's climate. Esp not showering.. just doesn't make sense. you need to keep up with your personal hygiene especially if breastfeeding, holding newborn etc.

I took care of what I ate during confinement. strictly no cold drinks. I still showered bcos how can not shower?! & thanks to confinement, I lost the weight & I got good amount of breastmilk. :)

Can shower, sg weather is too hot to go without shower. Can do herbal bath if preferred, wear long pants if its not too hot. I perspire easily so I gave up the long pants after 2 weeks.

I do bath twice a day, wear long pants and top and wear socks too. I still do 44 days of confinement, 7 days pp massage and do take in what's necessary to heal properly.

Nope. I don’t follow strictly. I still do shower but I don’t wash my hair that often. It’s important not to let the fan/air con blow at you directly

I showered every day with the warm herbal bath