food for 9-10mths old infant

Hello mummies, please share with me what's the estimated portion of your 9-10mths LO eating for BF, lunch and dinner. What is the food you served? Fruits you give every meal or give during snack time? TIA ??

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Hey! My baby is 9 months plus.. she will have 2 meals for now.. breakfast + lunch.. for breakfast its really random, depends what we have at home.. Eg yogurt with fruits, scrambled eggs with spinach, toast with avocado. Lunch recently we will have porridge/pasta/noodles. For porridge I normally cook 1 tablespoon of rice with other ingredients. She usually eats at least half.. I will serve with fruits as well for lunch.. Because my daughter doesn't eat too much at each meal, I will start serving 3 meals soon! I don't encourage snacking because I don't want her to have the habit when she grows older..

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