How do you wash your baby bottles?

Mummies, please share how did you wash & sterilize your baby bottles? 1. With or without bottle soap/cleanser? 2. Just hot water? 3. Steam/UV sterlizer?

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For me I use the traditional method. Wash with soap and use hot water once day only. After every feed use water and sponge to clean it. Some mummy will comment unhygienic not good etc. It depend on individual mummy. To me too clean will not be good as they are building their immune system now. We used to grow up like that too and we don't fall sick so often too so I go with traditional method.

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4y ago

Yes. I think my Lo immune system builted up well. Currently 14 month. While family fall sick twice except my Lo.

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1. With kodomo bottle cleanser 2. Tap water, followed by 3. UV steriliser I previously read that we should sterilise till baby turns 9 months old. Did so for my first child. No issues.

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Wash with soap then use hot water once a day. UV steriliser them once a week or sometimes two weeks once. Best method to build immune system

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I use tap water to rinse then steam sterilise. Only use the cleanser once a day as I've a phobia of leaving detergent residues

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Wash with pureen dish soap and rinse. Then soak it in the pot of sterilize water that I boil on that day

1) wash baby bottle with water first 2) soap it 3) use hot water to sterilize 4) dry it on the rack

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at home I wash the bottle first then put inside steamer, when outside I only wash and use hot water.

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Wash with liquid baby bottle cleanser and put in the UV Sterilizer to dry and sterilize

Wash wif kodomo or pigeon using tap water rinse wif tap water and pour hot water.

Hey, Best would be to wash the bottle with bottle cleanser, then sterilise it