Red spot on LO butt.

Hi mummies, please advise what this red spot is on my baby butt? It does not look like insect bite. Do I need to bring LO to see baby doctor?Thanks in advance!

Red spot on LO butt.
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It can be bcg. Observe and if it doesnt go away and becomes bigger then get it check to have peace of mind too

Hi, I would suggest observe it for few days if there are some changes and then visit the doctor

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maybe u observe for a few days see if it disappears. otherwise go to see a pd would be better

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Observe first cause my LO used to have that but it disappeared after a few days

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Observe first, do consult a pediatrician if the spot gets bigger etC

Maybe observe first?

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Is that the bcg mark?

3y ago

I think so, because my 2 months plus baby till now still have it