Hi Mummies, can we perm hair and do eyebrow embroidery during second trimester? Thank you.

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No embroidery during pregnancy dear. It has a risk on that and it's good to avoid it at any cost. You can do it after pregnancy :) Perm hair can because I did it too but not all salon will accept it as they do not want to take the responsibility if anything were to happen.

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Not eyebrow embroidery, there is risk of infection as the needles which dye is inserted will cause bleeding. Also, due to the hormonal fluctuations, the dye will not stay either

It’s depends on your self.,because for me I can do all..but many suggested don’t do it’s better not at all these😊

Hey, It is better to avoid because of chemicals but you can always explore the organic pacakges

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I avoided all the chemical stuff like facial, hair treatment, dye hair and medi-pedi.

Its always not recommended.. but i did it anyways.. so it really depends on urself

I heard no eyebrow embroidery cause it’s same like doing tattoo so cannot too.

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Confirm there’s risk, just how much you willing to take.

I personally avoided all these during pregnancy

Hi, Please try to avoid this during pregnancy