Eyebrow Embroidery

Hi, anyone knows whether isit safe to still do eyebrow embroidery during pregnancy period?. If I'm not wrong, eyelash extension should be safe right? Thanks!

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Usually it's not recommended, since there's no known information on whether the pigments and pain relief cream (not sure what ingredients are used, especially for the medical grade pain relief) will affect the fetus. Eyebrow embroidery also involves minor cuts on the skin, which may also lead to infection. I've been wanting to touch up because I have an existing package but I'm waiting it out till post-partum :) Eyelash should be fine but depending on the stage of your pregnancy, lying flat on your back may not be comfy unless the therapist can somehow elevate the bed.

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Eyelash extension is fine, I did mine about 1 week before I gave birth. My back hurts throughout the session though. Eyebrow embroidery best to wait till post partum.

Places that do eyebrow embroidery would normally decline clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Eyelash extension no issue. Was told not to do embroidery when pregnant.

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Eyelash extension definitely can cos i did so many times lol

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People said to wait until you finish breastfeeding