Baby hiccups in womb

Hi Mummies, is it normal for baby to have hiccups in the womb multiple times a day? I’m 31 weeks going on 32, and have been noticing baby is having hiccups quite often lately. I’ve read that you can switch position so that baby will move and lessen the hiccups, which worked for me as well. Just concerned she hiccups a few times daily, is it a sign of distress? I’ve read that it’s pretty normal actually if it doesn’t last more than 15mins per episode.

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My baby had multiple episodes of hiccups everyday all the way till birth. Now as a newborn she's also having hiccups regularly. It okay! I carried her till a day before EDD. She's healthy and normal :)

Mine had frequent hiccups a few times everyday too. As long as you feel baby is still moving/kicking as usual, it is fine.

yes it’s normal. my boy had hiccups alot in my womb. after i gave birth he hiccups alot too..🤗

I'm at 36 weeks now and my baby still had hiccups everyday or at least once every 2 days.

yes, You may start to notice fetal hiccups in your second or third trimester.

Tats normal , I had it too during pregnancy .

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Totally normal

It is normal