Newborn seems having trouble pooping

Hi mummies.. need advise. I have been giving my newborn frisco formula and seems like she is having difficulties pooping.. any recommendation for formula for less than 1 mth old newborn pls.. thank u

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Must trial and error for the fm. Does not mean it's good for other babies, it's also good for yours. My baby drank Dupro in the NICU. I gave him S26 at home but he had constipation then I switched to nan optipro but he had very loose and dark green stool. I switched back to s26 and he poops fine, yellow mustard.

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9mo ago

or use minyak yuyi. i use it for my babyboy & it works but only use it abit massage on his tummy and on his both legs & also under his feet.

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Nature One Dairy Premium. My girl had this since newborn and now currently 2.5 weeks old and pooping well. No issue switching between EBM and formula too. 🥰

9mo ago

thnk u🥰

Can try giving her lactogen, that is what the hospital gave my baby when she is born, no constipation issues

Nan optipro

9mo ago

Sounds like she is having colic . U have to frequently burp her